TaylorMade SLDR Driver For Sale Best Price

Golfers, you sure know how to hurt a guy’s feelings.  As a club fitter, I’ve spent years telling you to play more loft and you’ve ignored me, but TaylorMade makes #LoftUp a hashtag and suddenly you’re all buying 12 degree drivers.

Low, low spin.  More forgiving than 430cc model.  #LoftUp is a necessity, as is fitting.  A game changer for high spin players.

sldr driver

The SLDR, on the other hand, has a sliding weight that tips the scales at 20 grams. That gives it more than double the influence on a driver’s center of gravity than the R1’s moveable weights. And instead of the R1’s two CG options, the SLDR offers 21 different CG locations that are mapped out on the driver’s sole between the driver’s heel and toe.

Great driver if you hit it relatively close to the sweet sport. I hit it well at the Taylormade demo days but then I noticed over time it penalizes you quite a bit if you don’t hit its narrow sweet spot. It’s not a driver you can hit higher on the face or closer to the toe or heel like I can with my R1 and get away with it..sure not great distance but my R1 got better distance than the SLDR on mishits. More of a players driver than a game improvement driver. Probably why the words Forgiveness, MOI or Sweet Spot are not mentioned on the Taylormade website when discussing the SLDR. I returned it and got the Big Bertha which has been a great upgrade as it has more side to side forgiveness I need some days when my swing is not there. Plus long with more consistent distance than the R1 and SLDR. But If you hit all your drives flush, then the SLDR is the driver for you as it does provide crazy distance due to the lower spin if your swing is well above average.