TaylorMade R11S Driver Cheap Discount

On first inspection, the R11S is very similar to last year’s R11. The white head remains, and the same red fl ashes are still prominent. But you need to delve under the bonnet to find the real brilliance of the new model. Golfers can now adjust the face angle to one of five angles (previously three), while the loft can also be altered by 1.5° up or down on the standard loft . The R11S also boasts a 460cc head – bigger than last year – and it is noticeable at address. Pro James noted how well it sat, while Dave C (who has an R11) also thought the look was stylish. He also racked up some excellent distance and suggested the super-adjustable nature of the head meant it could deliver huge performance benefits if properly fitted. There is little getting away from the wow factor too with the R11S, and Dave B felt it more than lived up to the expectation and hype – he obtained excellent distance and felt it was very strong in terms of feel.

r11s driver

nlike a lot of the other adjustable drivers that I’ve reviewed, the R11S looks normal at address when it’s adjusted to the higher and lower lofts. The majority of adjustable drivers just feel a bit off when they are in non-neutral positions, but R11S doesn’t have this same problem. The R11S feels completely natural at all of the adjustability combinations that I’ve tested. Having independent loft and face-angle adjustments is a huge plus in dialing in the club.