Best Price TaylorMade R11 Irons Clearance

Do you still want the classical taylormade r11 irons? now best price taylormade r11 irons clearance here.

r11 irons

There is nothing like the feel when the ball compresses against a well-struck iron. You can keep all your leather-on-willow cricket talk, nothing beats the sound of steel on thermoset urethane. It’s what we spend hours on the practice ground to achieve.

The little glint from their perfectly-formed face felt like the R11s were calling to me, willing me to take them out with the promise (and technology) that they can make me feel those shots, hear that sound.

One word: Fun.  These irons are a lot of fun to play.  You feel like you can go after it and hammer the ball with great results.

As mentioned before, the forgiveness, accuracy and consistency will benefit low and high handicap players. Everything about this set is good. Players who prefer a club with a players look will enjoy how they closely resemble the TaylorMade MC irons. The price is very affordable at around $799 for a set of eight steel irons. That actually sets them under some of the competitors such as the Titleist AP2 irons and identical to the Ping i20. Definitely give the clubs a test if you are interested in a new set of irons. I really like the diverseness of this set. Golfers of many different ability levels will gravitate toward the R11s and I rate them 9 out of 10.