TaylorMade R1 Driver at Sale Price

In recent years nobody has done a better job creating buzz with the release of their new line of drivers than TaylorMade. TaylorMade has such a huge presence on the PGA Tour and they take pride in their stable of players using and promoting their latest equipment. The release of the R1 driver from TaylorMade is exciting because of how much customization the driver provides to both the golfer and the club fitter.

r1 driver

The R1 has a number of new features but still retains many of the Taylormade signature qualities. The sound is that metallic TM  crack that many golfers have grown accustomed to hearing.  The inverted cone face hasn’t changed either so the head is forgiving on off center hits.  It has a nice stock headcover with standard velvet grip.  The length is standard TM 45.5″  There is also a TP version of the R1 which basically is just an upgraded shaft.  Previous shaft adapters will not work in this head so if you found the perfect shaft for your R11 or R11s you will need a new tip for the R1.  This make sense with the new adjustability.  Thankfully TM is selling them at various retailers so it can be done.  For me it was necessary to switch out shafts, no matter how I adjusted the head, it spun to much with the stock shaft.

One thing I learned about the R1 during testing was that it truly is many drivers in one. The first swings I took with it were with the loft in the factory setting of 10°. After some swings in that configuration, I raised the loft to 12°. Let me preface this by saying that I tend to hit the ball lower than many people to start with. Regardless, here are some numbers showing the difference I saw on that day after a quick adjustment.